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Upper Division Play

Special U16-U19 Program

This National Board of Directors approved program has been ongoing for several years. The purpose of the program is to explore different ways to enable Sections, Areas and Regions to attract and keep U-16/U-19 players in the AYSO program.


All Regions (chartered or pilot) or Areas that have or wish to establish a U-16/U-19 or combination program and wish to deviate from the National Rules & Regulations with respect to substitution and other matters are subject to this policy.


The program will continue to permit U-16/U-19 play to be conducted with greater flexibility by permitting the following:

  • More informal play
  • More games and less practices
  • Coed play
  • Providing different programs in U-16 and/or U-19 based on the ability of the participants to commit their time (e.g., a 10-hour program for those with more time and a four-hour program for those with less time).
  • Fixing game times on a regular basis to suit the working schedule and other commitments of the participants
  • More flexible player substitutions
  • Limitation of the play of any participant who is excessively violent and receives a red card during a game
  • Creation of a "traveling" team to participate in non-AYSO leagues but only where there are insufficient AYSO players to form a viable U-16 or U-19 league or a combined U-16/U-19 league within the region or area
  • Creation of a "select" team to play in USYSA, SAY or other tournaments
  • Creation of neighborhood or regional or area based teams to minimize the travel of the participants.


Free substitution will be permitted in the U-16/U-19 Program, but only if it is handled in a manner which will ensure that every participant plays at least one half of every game by requiring a separate time monitor, independent of either team or coach, who checks each player in or out of the game.


  • Rural, suburban, ex-urban and city areas seem to require different types of programs because of the varying demands on the time of the participants.
  • Coed practices and/or teams or parallel social programs should be considered since they have been found to lead to greater participation.
  • Coordinate team structuring, playing schedule and practice time and season with the local high schools in the event the local school rule prohibits high school and AYSO play at the same time.


It is the responsibility of the Regional Commissioner or the Area Director to monitor the experimental program during the season.

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